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Aug 25, 2010 Pickups

* Ys vs Sora-no Kiseki Alternative Saga "Kanashiki Sokyu-o Kakeru(I Fly in the Sad Sky)" feat. Makoto by IchijoP and BarnalP

Today's first pickup is a beautiful movie, a joint work by IchijoP and BarnalP. Used instrumental music is from the soundtrack of a Japanese fantasy game, and Makoto dances it finely. Enjoy the simple but brave movie!

* Miki, Chihaya and Haruka "Massugu(Go Straight)" by GsamaP

Miki, Chihaya and Haruka "Massugu(Go Straight)"

Miki, Chihaya and Haruka "Massugu(Go Straight)" (02:11)

2010-08-21 Posted
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The second one is an entry for MikuMikuDanceCup V by GsamaP, a leading MMD wizard in the NicoM@S Community. In his latest work, he tried to reproduce the stage of THE iDOLM@STER 2 with MMD, and almost succeeded! This also shows the ending song of HaRuKarnival'10, ended on August 21.

* HITOTO Yo "Morainaki (Weep in sympathy)" feat. Makoto by KuruwaP

Sorry, sm11806895 was deleted.

Recently fine works featuring Makoto come almost everyday for her 17 year old birthday on August 29. Yo Hitoto is a singer who has a similar voice to Makoto like Hikaru Utada. Makoto dances the singer's song with feeling in a feminine style.

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