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Feb 01, 2011 Pickups

* KOKIA "The Power of Smile" feat. Chihaya by NikitaP

KOKIA "The Power of Smile" feat. Chihaya

KOKIA "The Power of Smile" feat. Chihaya (02:57)

2011-01-31 Posted
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Though NikitaP working hard in variety of omnibuses, this is his single work after almost one year blank. This work using a masterpiece song of KOKIA, a Japanese songstress, shows quite beautiful Chihaya. Enjoy its excellent combination!

* Luka Megurine "fluticasone" feat. Takane by BlackyP

Luka Megurine "fluticasone" feat. Takane

Luka Megurine "fluticasone" feat. Takane (03:30)

2011-01-30 Posted
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The second one is the latest work of BlackyP who constantly releases stylish works. This is a late celebrating movie for Takane's birthday, Jan 21, and it also shows quite fashionable effects in spite of her a little video material. Do not miss it!

* Kururi "Thank you my girl" feat. Haruka by patoP

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Though this is a very orthodox MAD movies that just shows Haruka dancing a Japanese song, we believe that the movie will attract you. We wonder what is the difference from other movies, but we can say that it is very nice. Do not miss it!

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