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Mar 22, 2013 Pickups

* PLANET LOVE SOUND "Outro" feat. Takane by FRISKP

PLANET LOVE SOUND "Outro" feat. Takane

PLANET LOVE SOUND "Outro" feat. Takane (01:06)

2013-03-19 Posted
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FRISKP created an excellent and artistic work. Though our anticipations for FRISKP are always high, he/she always shows us works beyond our expectations.

* Jupiter "Alice or Guilty" by ¥$

Jupiter "Alice or Guilty"

Jupiter "Alice or Guilty" (01:34)

2013-03-20 Posted
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Our previos pickup of ¥$'s work is a fine and singular mashup, but the latest work is a straight-ahead cool video. Have fun!

* MAKIHARA Noriyuki "Mou Koi Nante Shinai" feat. Haruka and Chihaya by NatsunagiP

Sorry, sm20392947 was deleted.

This is NatsunagiP's first work. Chihaya decided to become independent from Haruka, but it seems to be difficult. That's a good HaruChiha story.

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* californiawalt (Mar 25, 2013 05:31)

I see you 're finally catching up. Please, continue to do so; and happy birthday, Yayoi!

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