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Jul 17, 2008 Pickup, Western Day

* Western Day

Every Thursday,
On Western musics you'll watch GREAT iM@S MADs
Rocks, Pops and sometimes Classical music!?
Don't miss 'em!

* It's my life: BonJovi by foolP

アイドルマスター × BonJovi ― It's my life  コラボPV  Short.ver

アイドルマスター × BonJovi ― It's my life コラボPV Short.ver (02:36)

2008-02-09 Posted
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Mashuped with BonJovi's music video. Idols are only dancing, so cute, so cool.

* Libertango feat. Iori(Die-ToryoP)

アイドルマスター 『Libertango』 水瀬伊織

アイドルマスター 『Libertango』 水瀬伊織 (04:08)

2008-01-13 Posted
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Iori dances with a an immortal excellent piece of music, "Libertango."


Sorry, sm3736141 was deleted.

The phrase "On the wire between will and what will be" is so COOL. She was the genius who beat up all the others' "will" and "what will be." She's scary and awsome.

* SPGNA CALL ME U.K. Euro mix by yukionP

アイドルマスター 洋楽コラボ PV  「CALL ME」 U.K. Euro mix

アイドルマスター 洋楽コラボ PV 「CALL ME」 U.K. Euro mix (04:19)

2007-12-01 Posted
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Yes I will!

* Nonowa-san

Description of the image

Actually it is not sure who is Nonowa-san. The only one clear fact is that she is one of various characters derived From Haruka AMAMI. She was suddenly born in the forum named "Tokachi-Gumi," in November 2007.

Description of the image

Description of the image

It had been known that Haruka AMAMI often look aside before. A member of the forum invented an ASCII art(strictly, Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS) art) emphasizing the feature. This simple text art, a combinations of 3 Japanese phonograms, "のヮの," could completely express Haruka AMAMI looking aside in manga style, as you see.

(translator's note: "の" is pronounced like "no" and "ヮ" is done like "wa." Though you guess that pronunciation of " のヮの" is "Nowano," it was called "Nonowa" because of its euphony.)

Obviously, in the early time, "Nonowa" was just an icon indicating Haruka AMAMI herself. However, as "Nonowa" spread for relative groups, original personality was given to it. This was the birth of Nonowa-san. She is portrayed as a tiny living organism, with nothing on except ribbons on her hair, which has a tot figure, and as a kind of sprites who is very mischievous, quick-tempered and troublesome. (Similarity between Nonowa-san and deformed characters of other girls in THE iDOLM@STER, called "creatures" is also pointed out.)

Description of the imageDescription of the image

Currently, Nonowa-san is recognized as a character that is independent of Haruka AMAMI. The character have become a motif of illustrations, sometimes appeared in the several movies. However, it is is very difficult to figure out who Nonowa-san is, because various works illustrates her in different personality and profile. Regardless, its lovely appearance and silly behavior must make watchers pleasant. If you hope to become familiar with her, it is quite easy. Just writing down three Japanese characters, " のヮの," you can see her wherever you are.

Description of the image

Original text by hajic

Translation by italian_shell

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