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Aug 01, 2008 Pickups from Diva Paradise

* Okey-dokey (New arrange version) by yamakazuP

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"Diva Paradise" is a popular corner of a radio program, "THE IDOLM@STER RADIO," featuring voice actresses of "THE IDOLM@STER" video game and listeners of the program request songs which they want Chihaya and Azusa to sing. (from 20080713)

We introduce you to the world of "Diva Paradise", with beautiful movies and harmony.

Though the number of views is a few, yamakazuP is a famous producer for using photograph-like images and clear stages.

* Sun and moon (Re-produce) by mashiruP

アイドルマスター 太陽と月 ReProduce 千早 あずさ

アイドルマスター 太陽と月 ReProduce 千早 あずさ (02:23)

2008-03-23 Posted
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MashiruP has made a movie using same song before. The new movie was modified, added some effects and captions. It became so cool, bringing out their appeal.

* Stylish Queen by ekaoP

アイドルマスター 『STYLISH QUEEN★』 Azusa x Chiaking

アイドルマスター 『STYLISH QUEEN★』 Azusa x Chiaking (02:57)

2007-12-02 Posted
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"Diva Paradise" includes also solo songs. The song was sung by Azusa (TAKAHASHI Chikaki) with unusual style just like the title of song. When the movie was published, ekaoP was a high school student. It brought us a little surprise.

* La festa sotto luna (A festa under the moon) by damuP

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Next, the song was sung by Chihaya (IMAI Asami). You are able to be satisfied with her song and dance. This movie was also modified version.

* Those days dreaming remake by damuP (posted again)

アイドルマスター 千早 あずさ 夢見る頃

アイドルマスター 千早 あずさ 夢見る頃 (04:25)

2007-11-10 Posted
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This movie was made for momotsukiP who started The iDOLM@STER weekly ranking in thankful acknowledgment, when momotsukiP was retired from making the ranking. Many fans expressed their gratitude to him. We introduce this movie again as an ending of those pickups.

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* Harukasan (Aug 01, 2008 01:24)

I love Yume miru koro so much...super harmony...

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