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Aug 16, 2008 Pickups

* "Summer Sky Graffiti" feat. Ami and Mami by YuriaP

Sorry, sm4304550 was deleted.

"Summer Sky Graffiti" is covered by Ami and Mami in the CD "THE iDOLM@STER Vacation for You!". YuriaP created a stage on summer beach without people, and made them dance.

* "Summer Sky Graffiti" feat. Ami and Mami by TokachiP

アイドルマスター 夏空グラフィティ 亜美&真美

アイドルマスター 夏空グラフィティ 亜美&真美 (02:19)

2008-08-16 Posted
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Don't be bothered, it can't be helped! It's just one of those days. Tomorrow will be better!>TokachiP

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* Pumaman55 (Aug 17, 2008 00:49)

<3333333 this song!!
Is it new or something? Cause I've never heard it :o

* Harukasan (Aug 17, 2008 00:57)

It is. :D

* Pumaman55 (Aug 17, 2008 01:21)

Woooooo :O!

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