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Sep 09, 2008 iM@S Collaboration Festival

* iM@S Collaboration Festival is now going on!

The iM@S Collaboration Festival is a collaborative event by MAD movie creators that aims to offer opportunities to new creators. Creators that applied were divided into units ("coupling") with an expert and a newcomer. Also each unit was randomly assigned an idol. The viewers can vote for the most "syncronized" video. The Best Couple Award will go to the work chosen by the voters!

Date of the Festival
6 Sep 2008 at 11:30 (UTC) to 12 Sep 2008 at 15:00 (UTC)
14 Sep 2008 at 11:00 (UTC)

Why not watch the works and join in the vote? To vote, read the guidance below:

Group A

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - A』

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - A』 (11:33)

2008-09-06 Posted
226 Mylists

  • Team#2 AkagiXXP x NopoponP feat. Chihaya
  • Team#13 MkP x MayrockP feat. Makoto
  • Team#1 MachaP x RippleP feat. Haruka
  • Team#17 TonisenP x SeitekiP feat. Iori
  • Team#6 KakaoP x YuP feat. Yayoi

Group B

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - B』

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - B』 (11:33)

2008-09-06 Posted
78 Mylists

  • Team#16 IgawaKP x NendoP feat. Ami&Mami
  • Teem#10 KonnyakuP x asaP feat. Miki
  • Team#4 Aware-na-kohitsujiP x junP feat. Yukiho
  • Team#11 YanagiP x KahaP feat. Ritsuko
  • Team#14 itachiP x kirP feat. Chihaya

Group C

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - C』

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - C』 (11:07)

2008-09-06 Posted
62 Mylists

  • Team#19 AkashiP x TokuP feat. Ritsuko
  • Team#7 KurawanP x MoshakeP feat. Ami&Mami
  • Team#5 GomaP x chicoryP feat. Makoto
  • Team#12 KandorumaP x CloverP feat. Azusa
  • Team#18 ShikiP x YutaroP feat. Yukiho

Group D

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - D』

アイドルマスター 『iM@S Collaboration Festival - D』 (11:33)

2008-09-06 Posted
113 Mylists

  • Team#15 YusaP x ShikabaneP feat. Haruka
  • Team#20 AerieP x SUSP feat. Azusa
  • Team#3 AsahinaP x ManaitaP feat. Miki
  • Team#9 KyotoP x Mou-DameP feat. Yayoi
  • Team#8 tloP x NatsumikanP feat. Iori

Did you decide? OK, you can vote at here, select your choice and submit!

how to vote

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