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Oct 18, 2008

* Haruka next door by unkouP


アイドルマスター「となりの春香さん」 (02:30)

2008-10-18 Posted
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* c23 (Oct 18, 2008 22:30)

So are there full versions of any of the clips in the Autumn Festival medley? Also, do you know what the song from part 27 of the medley is?

* tdtds (Oct 20, 2008 13:35)

There are no full version because this medley is brand-new. But some producers begin to make single cut version, see below:

And No.27, "グレイトなのです☆" (Great Nano-desu) is an original music by REDALiCE. You can get it on YouTube, try to search.

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