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Oct 25, 2008 Pickups

* capsule "Candy Cutie" feat. Miki, Azusa and Haruka by cocoonP

アイドルマスター capsule「キャンディー キューティー」 美希あずさ春香

アイドルマスター capsule「キャンディー キューティー」 美希あずさ春香 (02:32)

2008-10-24 Posted
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It became possible to let idols dance on any backgrounds after what is called the "Star Festival Revolution," the discovery of a hidden command in "THE iDOL M@STER Live for You!" that the player can select the "blueback screen" stage with.

However, only a few iM@S mad producers have the skill to produce self-made 3D stages fitting perfectly with variously changing angles of idols.

This movie that cocoonP produced after a long interval seems so natural that the stage is used in the original game, so this is expressive of an atmosphere that the idols really sing a song and dance over the stage. This is the movie that shows the high load of the IDOLM@STER with advanced skills.

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