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Oct 28, 2008

* triceratops "Going to the moon" feat. Chihaya by KakiP

Sorry, sm5019734 was deleted.

This is a new movie produced by KakiP who has established reputation with heady camera work. Be dizzy over this!

* "Lolita queen" by deboP

Sorry, sm5060314 was deleted.

It's a fusion of motion graphic and idol dance.

* "Together 4 ever -From Pop'n 15-" by CannonP

[MAD]together 4 ever-From ポップン15-(真ソロ) ~アイドルマスター~

[MAD]together 4 ever-From ポップン15-(真ソロ) ~アイドルマスター~ (01:57)

2008-10-26 Posted
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This is a new work by CannonP who is filled with love for Makoto after interval of two months. Watch his producing that condenses cool Makoto!

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