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Nov 15, 2008 Pickups

* "Apocalypse -dirge of swans-" Feat. Dark Haruka by nafuP

アイドルマスター 【 Apocalypse -dirge of swans-】

アイドルマスター 【 Apocalypse -dirge of swans-】 (02:07)

2008-11-14 Posted
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"Dark Haruka" or "Haruka the Darkness" is a popular category of fan-arts. NfuP produced many works in the category, and this is the latest one. The effects emphasizing contrast between Dark Haruka and Light Haruka is really vivid. Enjoy it!

* "gravitation" Feat. Haruka by KenjoP

Sorry, sm5243628 was deleted.

I beilive that KenjoP is quite faithful to what he desire to make. You immediately understand it.

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