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Nov 17, 2008 im@s MAD Survival Championship III

* im@sMAD Survival Championship final Opening Movie

November 16th.

Now, it's just like a night's dream. This long battle gets up to the final phase. Many diminishing iM@S MAD are behind you. Only elected movies can stay here. Confidence, impatience, appeal, regret. Getting rid of various feelings, let's go right over the end.

im@sMSC3 決勝OP

im@sMSC3 決勝OP (04:30)

2008-11-16 Posted
196 Mylists

cx0101p (commonly called: egashiraP), who made up "Teihen Matsuri" (Event for Bottoms), thought the way to make an impact in a few seconds of iM@s MAD movies to an

event. Under this idea, he made a plan of tournament for MAD movies; a short part of participating movies is shown for audience, then they vote for the movie they want to watch much more.

Garnering participations of many producers, the MSC (iM@S MAD Survival Championship) was held twice successfully, and became one of the typical NicoM@S events.

The regulation for the entry into the Championship is to hand in a NicoM@S MAD movie that is longer than 1 minute. In addition, participant must designate the disclosing part according to a unique rule of the MSC.

In the MSC, participants can disclose only a limited length of their MAD movie in each match. To get more time to disclose their work, participants must survive the matches.

An audience chooses works that survive, voting as judges. One match rejects more than half works. To survive, it is critical how much the works can appeal in the limited time.

Simply, Or vividly? Animation, Or appeal for "gentlemen?" Raising expectation, Or giving impact of very beginning?

Including various kind of intentions, the days for survival began. Going through thousands of dramas, the final battle is starting now.

The number of entries: 130

Here come the finalists.

These 9 works are now on the stage of the final battle. MSC3 that started October 18 will come to the finale!

This is the very last chance!! Are you ready?

Chose one if you can!

The final match is here. Can you choose one? Then VOTE IT!!

im@sMSC3 Final 60秒決勝

im@sMSC3 Final 60秒決勝 (09:52)

2008-11-17 Posted
198 Mylists

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