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Nov 25, 2008 Pickups, DLC

* New DLC(DownLoad Contents) has come! The DLC contains a new song "Birthday of God" and a new dress "Holy Night Dress". They are so, so, so cuuuuute!!

* "Birthday of God" in Holy night dress (with English/pronunciation Caption!)

Staffs of IMMWS present the latest DLC, "Birthday of God," movie with English caption. Let's sing together!

* "Birthday of God" feat. Miki, Yukiho and Makoto in Holy night dress

アイドルマスター 美希,雪歩,真『神さまのBirthday』

アイドルマスター 美希,雪歩,真『神さまのBirthday』 (02:12)

2008-11-25 Posted
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* "Birthday of God" feat. Yayoi and Mami in Holy night dress

The design of a new dress for these two idols looks a little cold. However, gloves are very cute.

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* Benpc91 (Nov 26, 2008 00:54)

Woah, that was a very fast translation/sub.

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