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Dec 22, 2008 Pickups

* "SRAT" feat. Miki by KashiwagiP

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Today, I introduce 3 heterogeneous MAD movies by hand-drawing. First of them is a story of a producer who made Miki Angry. It is a work by kashiwagiP who draws rough but tasteful touch.

* "Zero no Tsukaima" feat. Iori by ToraP


[アイマス]凸の使い魔-修正版[手書き] (01:33)

2008-12-10 Posted
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The next MAD movie is an anime, "The Familiar of Zero," featuring Iori. So "Kawaii!"

* "6/4" feat. Iori by KatakurikoP

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Lastly, katakurikoP produces an animation featuring Iori---Rituko?--- with an original music "6/4" by NDKP.

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