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Dec 24, 2008 Yukiho's birthday

* Today's Yukiho's 16th birthday. Congratulations!

* "Ai-Yai 100 points Angel" feat. Yukiho and Yayoi by yotaP

アイドルマスター 「愛YAI☆100テンえんじぇる!!」 やよい・雪歩

アイドルマスター 「愛YAI☆100テンえんじぇる!!」 やよい・雪歩 (03:55)

2008-12-19 Posted
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First of all, I'd like to start with a MAD movie by yotaP, the synchronizing master. Happy birthday, Yukiho!

* "Space Dog" feat. Yukiho by MatsuyanP

アイドルマスター 雪歩 「Space Dog」

アイドルマスター 雪歩 「Space Dog」 (02:37)

2008-12-22 Posted
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Next one is a hand-drawing MAD movie by matsuyanP. It dare to use a song of dogs, featuring Yukiho who is weak in dogs. It shows very nice atmosphere.

* UTADA Hikaru "SAKURA Drops" feat. Yukiho by MinadukiP

Sorry, sm5619195 was deleted.

The last one is the work of minazukiP. Though the MAD movie using UTADA Hikaru's song tend to feature Makoto, I think that Yukiho is also suit. It shows nice atmosphere because I can watch Yukiho in an unusual situation.

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