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Jan 19, 2009 Pickups

* "Sha-La-La" feat. Azusa and Ritsuko by JifuP

【im@s新年会】アイドルマスター シャララ / 三浦あずさ、秋月律子

【im@s新年会】アイドルマスター シャララ / 三浦あずさ、秋月律子 (02:51)

2009-01-16 Posted
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On Monday, everyone feels that the excitement of the "New Year Party" has not gone away yet. I introduce MAD movies that I could not pick up yesterday. Though the MAD movie that JifuP released for encore of the Part shows great skills, dances, lip synchronization and its original stage, it is really beautiful. In addition, Azusa and Ritsuko are cute, cute, cute (repeat it 100 times), and cute.

* MATSUTOYA Yumi "Spring" feat. Haruka by IchijoP

Sorry, sm5793002 was deleted.

This MAD movie is also picked up from works of the "New Year Party." Haruka suits songs of spring, because Haru means spring in Japanese.

* "Excellion March" feat. Iori by SeijoP

アイドルマスター 感動!デコテリヲンのマーチ

アイドルマスター 感動!デコテリヲンのマーチ (01:51)

2009-01-19 Posted
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I introduce the full version of the entry for KAKU-tail vs MSC match in the New Year Party. This movie uses "Excellion March" in "Gunbuster." The latter part of it is the time to laugh for.

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