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Feb 07, 2009 Pickups

* "I will give you a magic spell" feat. Yayoi by MashiruP

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There are many producers who made MAD movies with using songs in MASTER SPECIAL 01 album. MashiruP used Yayoi's cover song with reusing his original stage for the "New Year Party 2009."

* "Girls be ambitious!" feat. Haruka by YayouP

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This MAD movie also used a song in MASTER SPECIAL 01. YayouP quickly made it with Haruka's cheerful new song. Its style suited for Haruka!

* arp "My voice" feat. Chihaya by emP

arp "My voice"

arp "My voice" (04:50)

2009-01-28 Posted
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This song appreciates the birth of a precious person. Listenning it at the position of Chihaya's producer who shared her lot, I can not hold back my tears. It really suits for Chihaya.

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