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Feb 09, 2009 Pickups

* "I can not stay a dreaming little girl " feat. Yayoi by UtenyanP

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Yayoi who joind iM@S Radio as a guest sang as usual. Though its lyrics are very serious, Yayoi's voice is healing.

* Perfume "Dream Fighter" feat. Yukiho, Iori and Miki by itachiP

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Because Perfume's songs are popular in Japan, they tend to be used by many producers. ItachiP also used "Dream Fighter" recently in wakamuraP's work. His choice of idols nor movie style are completely defferent. Do not miss both!

* "smooooch x iM@S REVOLTECH" by MakoTP

smooooch x iM@S REVOLTECH

smooooch x iM@S REVOLTECH (02:00)

2009-02-07 Posted
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The "misterious technology" tag is often attached to movies that they can not imagine how to make it. This MAD movie gains the "misterious effort" tag. You can understand why immediately, when you watch it. MakotP took over 1500 photos for the movie. Wow!

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