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Feb 16, 2009 Pickups

* Tornado Tatsumaki "Sunday" feat. Haruka by TakuwoP

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Finally, the full version of the MSC3 winner has been released! However, it may be difficult to understand the real meaning of the work if you have not played The iDOLM@STER. Haruka's scenario that brings a different ending from other idols leave serious "something" in the players' (producers') hearts. Though there are many MAD movies featuring Haruka based on such a situation, this work is the most difficult to understand and has a quite deep impresssion among them.

* BUMP OF CHICKEN "LOSTMAN" feat. Haruka by R(abbr)P

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Another producer also admires Haruka. This is a rare work that shows from point of producers view. Theme of used music resonate with haruka's parting, so everyone who have produced Haruka must be moved by it.

* CHIBA Saeko "Who is commonplace?" feat. Haruka by REKKAP

CHIBA Saeko "Who is commonplace?"

CHIBA Saeko "Who is commonplace?" (02:48)

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Haruka is a commonplace girl who does not has any strong charactoristics. Because she can dance cheerfully this song chanting "commonplaceness is the best!," producers may be charmed by her.

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