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Mar 13, 2009 Pickups

* UTADA Hikaru "First Love" feat. Makoto by AsahinaP

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Because the charactor of their voices are similar to each other, Utada Hikaru's songs suit Makoto. There are many masterpieces using such combination, and I can say that this MAd movie is also one of them. Though Makoto ususally dance cheerful songs, it is also nice that she dances such a quiet song with sorrow.

* "I'm at your side" feat. Azusa by DabaP

I'm at your side

I'm at your side (02:03)

2009-03-12 Posted
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There is a part named "Paradise of Divas" in a radio program featuring Azusa and Chihaya's voice actresses, and they sing a song impromptu. Uncommonly, Azusa sang this song alone in the program. Because her actress loves the song, I can feel her seriousness.

* Juicy Fruits "Chinese Restaurant" feat. Ritsuko by moguP

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I believe that the best dresser of Chinese dress is Ritsuko, don't I?

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