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Mar 25, 2009 Yayoi's birthday

* "Moyashi capter YAYOI" by AkoP

Moyashi capter YAYOI

Moyashi capter YAYOI (01:22)

2009-03-25 Posted
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It is Yayoi's 13th birthday. Happy birthday, Yayoi!

First of all, we introduce akoP's laborious hand-drawing MAD movie. Though this is a reproduction of Japanese anime, "Card Capter Sakura," Yayoi drawn precocious made an atmosphere of birthday party.

* Cardigans "After All..." feat. Yayoi by MRP

Cardigans "After All..." feat. Yayoi

Cardigans "After All..." feat. Yayoi (02:24)

2009-03-25 Posted
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This MAD video shows a diffrent atomosphere from usual cheerful Yayoi. However, Yayoi like this is also herself, isn't she? In Nico Nico Douga, this was the first promotion video like MAD movie for her birthday.

* ENOMOTO Kurumi "an adventure comet" feat. Chihaya by MayrockP

Sorry, sm6437225 was deleted.

Responding their requests.

Although MayrockP made this movie for Chihaya's birthday, he was too late. However, Chihaya really love Yayoi very much, we introduce this movie instead of a birthday present for Yayoi :-)

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