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Apr 06, 2009 Pickups

* Kalafina "oblivious" Feat. Makoto and Yukiho by TanabataP

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This MAD movie reproduces the world of an anime movie, "Sora no Kyokai(Boundary of Emptiness)," using the opening song of the movie chapter 1. Watch its beautiful effects that is not second to the song. If you watched the movie, you will enjoy more.

* nico "Night of Fire" by GyoP

nico "Night of Fire" by gyoP

nico "Night of Fire" by gyoP (01:35)

2009-04-05 Posted
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This MAD movie looks quite simple. Yes, You are right, it uses only the dance of Colorful Days without any editing except changing speed. However, we guarantee that it is so cool because of its outstanding synchronization. Be careful not to get addicted to it!

* Sakura Wars 3 "The Gay City of Paris" by PikkariP

Sakura Wars 3 "The Gay City of Paris" by PikkariP

Sakura Wars 3 "The Gay City of Paris" by PikkariP (03:34)

2009-04-05 Posted
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PiccariP is famous that he exclusively makes MAD movies with Sakura Wars' songs, and this is his latest work. The Gay City of Paris is an inserted song used in the Wakura Wars 3 game for Playstation 2 and so on. It reproduces a musical stage with making full use of various effects.

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