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Apr 28, 2009 Pickups, DLC

* "Operation Valentine" feat. Miki and Ami/Mami by ShiraumeP

"Operation Valentine" feat. Miki and Ami/Mami

"Operation Valentine" feat. Miki and Ami/Mami (04:54)

2009-04-24 Posted
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This movie is a full-version of a popular entry for MSC3. Video consisting of cute illustration is accompanied with hikeP's arrangement of "Valentin" sung by Miki, Ami and Mami. Its story is that Miki who wants to declare her love to her producer is advised by Ami and Mami, but you can enjoy without Japanese ability.

* "Ippai Ippai" feat. Azusa, Ritsuko and Miki by mokeP

Sorry, sm6882984 was deleted.

Anyway, it is the release day of the latest download contents(DLC), today. Songs in the M@STER ARTIST CD series that has already been available in THE iDOLM@STER SP is released for THE iDOLM@STER Xbox360. First of all, the most well-stacked three idols dance Ritsuko's repertory, "Ippai Ippai(Much and Much)." You will understand why they wear swimsuit when you will look at the dance.

* "Futari no Kioku" feat. Iori and Yayoi

"Futari no Kioku" feat. Iori and Yayoi

"Futari no Kioku" feat. Iori and Yayoi (02:10)

2009-04-28 Posted
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The second song from DLC of the month is Iori's repertory, "Futari no Kioku(Two's Memory)." Let her sing it with her best friend, Yayoi. Camera work in the last scene is quite nice. NBGI did a really good job!

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