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May 02, 2009 Pickups

* "Questions?" feat. Makoto and Allstars by CurryP

"Questions?" feat. Makoto and Allstars

"Questions?" feat. Makoto and Allstars (01:30)

2009-05-01 Posted
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Cheerful and rhythmical music really suits Makoto!

* SAKAMOTO Maaya "A song of tails" feat. Yayoi by YayouP

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"Variety Animal" costume, the download content released in late 2008, tends to be used in strange MAD movies, but Yayoi in this movie is superbly cute! YayouP did a really good job.

* "KID-NAPPED-IDOLS" feat. Ami and Mami by ShimejiP

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Though we introduce this movie a little later, this is a full-version of an entry for KAKU-Tail Party 3. This hand-drawing MAD movie shows you quite cool Ami and Mami.

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