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May 27, 2009 Pickups

* UTADA Hikaru "On And On" feat. Makoto by TsubasaP

UTADA Hikaru "On And On" feat. Makoto

UTADA Hikaru "On And On" feat. Makoto (01:43)

2009-05-18 Posted
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This is the latest one of popular works showing a collaboration of Hikadu UTADA and Makoto. Though its early part are monochrome, it sets off vividness of the later part. How beautiful you are, Makoto!

* OHGURO Maki "Towarding to the eternal dream" feat. Azusa by KeibuP

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Though Azusa's charactor is the most carefree in THE iDOLM@STER game, she looks quite cool when she dances rock music.

* KAGUYAHIME "Kanda river" feat. Ritsuko by 225P

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This MAD movie uses an well-loved old popular song. It sings pure love between young man and woman who live in a small apartment in Japan. Such kind of song quite suits Ritsuko.

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