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Jun 09, 2009 Pickups

* DJMAX "White Canvas" feat. Miki, Ritsuko and Yukiho by ByosatsuP

DJMAX "White Canvas" feat. Miki, Ritsuko and Yukiho

DJMAX "White Canvas" feat. Miki, Ritsuko and Yukiho (01:36)

2009-06-08 Posted
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This MAD movie shows stylish and cool dance. Though ByosatsuP usually uses a picture-story show maker, he also shows his nice sense for dance MAD movie. Incidentally, he used the dance only from "relations."

* "GO MY WAY!! the last way Re-MIX" by Chaos2ndP

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Though Chaos2ndP was originally working in the music mashup category of MAD community, he recently started making videos. He surprised the audience by quality and attracted their attention. You can listen to a "tremendous" arrangement of a cheerful official song, "GO MY WAY!!," in this movie.

* "Chibi(Tiny)-Miki" by hsc

Chibi(Tiny)-Miki by hsc

Chibi(Tiny)-Miki by hsc (03:56)

2009-06-09 Posted
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This movie let us think that all views in the world are beautiful, and we can say that they are ones that Chibi-Miki and hsc see. In the previous work, hsc began to use Panasonic LUMIX GH-1 and cut out beautiful views. The views reflecting his love for Miki and nostalgia purely move us.

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