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Jun 19, 2009 Pickups

* Yukiho Hagiwara "ALRIGHT* (Sunflower Smile Mix)" by sitaP

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Today's first pickup is sitaP's latest arrangement of Yukiho's new number, "ALRIGHT*." It was firstly played in the legendary disco event, Tokachi Gold 2. Enjoy the atmosphere of the event, listening to it!

* "Love Paradise" Feat. Haruka, Yayoi and Yukiho by HypoP

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Recently, several talented new comers has debuted in the NicoM@S Community, and we should add one more on the list. The creator of this MAD movie has not had his producer name yet, but his sense of synchronization is quite nice. Let's look forward to his next work.

* SOS-dan(Group) "Super Driver(live style)" by GomaP

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The last pickup of today is gomaP's quick work. This song is the new opening song of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" new TV series broadcasted firstly on June 18. Though it was made very quickly, you can enjoy its quite stable quality.

Today's Comments (Total: 4) [Comment]
* NoNoWa-is-actually-pretty-scary (Jun 19, 2009 14:59)

That ALRIGHT mix was awesome. First thing I did after it finished playing was press the play button again.
The strong bass reminded me of First Stage a bit. Somehow that sort of thing works great with Yukiho's voice.

(As you see my popularization campaign for the comment button has begun.)

* italian_shell (Jun 20, 2009 01:06)

Thank you again for your comment. We are so glad to hear that you like our pickup. Such arrangements do not need any linguistic skill to enjoy, so we focus on them.

* NoName (Jun 20, 2009 16:20)

The ALRIGHT remix is indeed very good. Thanks for putting it up.

The second one, Love Paradise, is really nice too. Did he make the idols' boobs bigger? Looks like he picked a name too: HaipoP.

* tdtds (Jun 21, 2009 02:39)

Thanks NoName! I think the spelling of him 'HypoP'.

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