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Jun 22, 2009 Pickups

* Mechanical Chihaya "I'm too close to you" by ekaoP and dorionP

Mechanical Chihaya "I'm too close to you"

Mechanical Chihaya "I'm too close to you" (04:02)

2009-06-21 Posted
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We did not pick up "Mecha-Chihaya's Love," ekaoP's masterpiece using Crystal Kay's "I'm too close to you." In this movie, DorionP challenged the same theme using Chihaya's manual-vocaloid! Though it is sure that it sounds Chihaya's voice, it also has a mechanical atmosphere. In addition, he let the manual-vocaloid pronounce English lyrics, Wow!

* Aira Mitsuki "Colorful Tokyo Sounds No.9" feat. Makoto, Miki and Yukiho by keykeip

Aira Mitsuki "Colorful Tokyo Sounds No.9" feat. Makoto, Miki and Yukiho

Aira Mitsuki "Colorful Tokyo Sounds No.9" feat. Makoto, Miki and Yukiho (02:05)

2009-06-12 Posted
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It has become usual that MAD movie creators let clipped idols dance on original stages since hidden blue-back stage command was discovered in July, 2008. However, there are several creators making MAD movies using only camera works and effects, without the technology. KeykeiP's new work is quite fresh in such works because of its unique coloring. He enhanced idols cuteness well.

* "Footprint" feat. Haruka by YokozawaPP

"Footprint" feat. Haruka

"Footprint" feat. Haruka (03:43)

2009-06-13 Posted
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Watch it with remminding the dance of 'i.' :-)

Today's Comments (Total: 5) [Comment]
* NoName (Jun 22, 2009 15:32)

First one is good!

If anyone is wondering it's the Nodame Cantabile ED, translation here:

* NoNoWa-is-actually-pretty-scary (Jun 22, 2009 17:46)

I agree, the first one was unexpectedly good. I also liked the second one. At first it didn't really seem all that 'colorful'... but in the second half it got a lot better.

Afraid I didn't really get the point of the footprint vid though... XD

* italian_shell (Jun 23, 2009 02:57)

Thank you for your comment to direct the helping translation.

The last one tests your enthusiasm for The IDOLM@STER game :-)

* NoNoWa-is-actually-pretty-scary (Jun 23, 2009 09:19)

Aaah, so I failed that test, huh? (I did watch it too the end though!)

* NoNoWa-is-actually-pretty-scary (Jun 23, 2009 09:21)

Oh! I almost forgot, but it's the 23rd already! Happy birthday Ritsuko!

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