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Aug 15, 2009 Pickups

* "Time of Black Rose 5"

Time of Black Rose 5

Time of Black Rose 5 (25:36)

2009-08-15 Posted
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On the last day of iM@S Jazz Festival 09(iJF09), producers working for Black Rose series released their last work. You do not have to mind Japanese story in its intermissions. Idols who are usually cheerful and lively show you their charms of adults in the movie.

* "Perfect World" feat. Chihaya and Makoto by takoP

Sorry, sm7910968 was deleted.

The next pickup is takoP's pretty work. Using the ending theme song of Wolf and Spice II, it shows idols entering into the world of the picture book.

* ketchup mania "POP POP POP POP POP POP POP LOLiPOP" by YoumithP

【NRF’09】アイドルマスター やよい 「POP ×7  LOLiPOP」 by YoumithP

【NRF’09】アイドルマスター やよい 「POP ×7  LOLiPOP」 by YoumithP (02:01)

2009-07-26 Posted
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Our last pickup is a work that makes you fun. YoumithP lets the three youngest idols dance cheerfully, and this is quite cool and cute. For your information, his previous work won the top position of the initial my-list ratio ranking is here.

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