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Aug 18, 2009 Pickups

* "(an advance hint of) TAKARANO Haruka -MA66-" feat. Haruka by RidgerP

Sorry, sm7953011 was deleted.

RidgerP are now working hard for his elaborate work to make a promotion movie of fictional idols with idols of 765 Production. This is the second promotion video of a fictional idol, Haruka Takarano, still in progress. However, it has been already superb! Let's look forward to its completion.

* AMANO Tsukiko "Blue Purple" feat. Chihaya by ShonenP

AMANO Tsukiko "Blue Purple" feat. Chihaya

AMANO Tsukiko "Blue Purple" feat. Chihaya (03:39)

2009-08-18 Posted
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Its author, ShonenP, said that "My promotion video is not suitable with this great song." in his comment, but we believe that the video is also great. Especially, his original devices shows Chihaya's various expressions and actions.

* AMAMI Haruka "Girls be ambitious! (LIVE)" by AasahinaP

AMAMI Haruka "Girls be ambitious! (LIVE)"

AMAMI Haruka "Girls be ambitious! (LIVE)" (02:41)

2009-08-01 Posted
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Though this is a little old work, we miss a chance to pick it up. This is an entry for HaRuKarnival'09 gathering only Haruka's live movies. It is quite cheerful because of its live atmosphere!

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