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Aug 29, 2009 Makoto's birthday

* Today is Makoto's 16th birthday. Happy birthday Makoto!!

* "BRIGHTONE" feat. Makoto by DeboP

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Makoto is an only idol who suits the description of "gallant." First of all, we pick up a cool MAD movie that is suitable for her. Be carried away by her charm!

* YUSA Mimori "Wild flower" feat. Makoto by HaruharaP

YUSA Mimori "Wild flower"

YUSA Mimori "Wild flower" (04:46)

2009-08-29 Posted
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This is the latest work of HaruharaP making hand-drawing MAD movies with his unique sense. Though Makoto is ususally very spry, this movie is a masterpiece showing her another charactoristics of girlishness with a slow song.

* "Makoto's all 32 songs medley in school uniform" by CannonP

Makoto's all 32 songs medley in school uniform

Makoto's all 32 songs medley in school uniform (16:43)

2009-08-29 Posted
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CanonP is one of the eariest NicoM@S MAD creators, called as "the MAD creator who can express more pretty Makoto than anyone." Recently the last DLC, "I Want," was released, he made a medley of 32 songs by Makoto. Enjoy a superb promotion video which every scenes that we can not say nothing except "it is pretty!" about!

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* Rokuro Miyumizu (Nov 02, 2010 17:56)

i love all 32 songs with her ^^

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