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Oct 06, 2009 Pickups

* IMAI Asami "Strawberry -Sweet and Painful Tears-" feat. Chihaya by SatoP

IMAI Asami "Strawberry" feat. Chihaya

IMAI Asami "Strawberry" feat. Chihaya (01:41)

2009-10-06 Posted
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The first pick-up is using a song from the second single CD of Asami Imai, Chihaya's voice actress. Though we are not sure whether it is the reason that the song is the ending of "Nyan(Mew)-to Koi" Anime, Chihaya works hard with an accessory of cat ears.

* HAGIWARA Yukiho "Kosmos, Cosmos" by ShikiP

HAGIWARA Yukiho "Kosmos, Cosmos"

HAGIWARA Yukiho "Kosmos, Cosmos" (02:03)

2009-10-06 Posted
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The second one is ShikiP's latest work. It shows natural scene changes and alternative plays of Yukiho and Mecha-Yukiho. You may guess that the video ends with its calm atmosphere, but... Check it by yourself!

* KIMURA Kaera "Butterfly" feat. Yayoi by aramaxP

Sorry, sm8423736 was deleted.

Today's last one is aramaxP's latest work. The used song, "Butterfly," was composed by Kaera Kimura for her friends wedding ceremony. Therefore, the effect to change cloth will surpurise you if you watch the movie with expecting when Yayoi wears wedding dress. By the way, there are too many comments by would-be "Yayoi's fathers."

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