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Dec 01, 2009 Pickups from NicoM@S Maid Festival '09

* Today, we pick up nice works among entries for NicoM@S Maid Festival '09 to make MAD movies featuring idols being dressed as maids. Enjoy them!

* Cymbals "What's Entertainment?" Feat. Haruka by YakisobaP

Sorry, sm8948540 was deleted.

This movie is a nice work that depicts Haruka's cuteness well. Eventually, our previous pickup of his work also used a song by Cymbals. Their cheerful music tone quite suits Haruka's characteristics dressed as a maid. Enjoy it!

* zabadak "glass forest" Feat. Iori by wyrdP

Sorry, sm8917494 was deleted.

Zabadak is a Japanese music group that has Celtic taste. Iori, the idol who can play European peeress atmosphere, dancing the song is really beautiful. Don't miss it.

* Maya Okamoto "dancing of moon-light" Feat Makoto and Ritsuko by sinsinP

Sorry, sm8821618 was deleted.

The last pickup is using a jazzy number by Japanese popular singer. Ritsuko and Makoto quite suit such a stylish and adult music. Though this is our first pickup of sinsinP's work, he shows quite nice synchronization. We guarantee that you enjoy the five minutes.

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