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Jan 08, 2010 Pickups

* Haruka, Chihaya and Azusa "You Say Love!" by OukaP

Sorry, sm9302212 was deleted.

Today's first pickup is a movie someone who might have made. The sound source of the song used in this movie is a opening theme of the parody game of the "Records of Three Kingdoms" sang by Haruka, Chihaya and Azusa's voice actress. OukaP combined the song with them dancing movie. Does this look very natural, doesn't it?

* TЁЯRA "Raspberry Heart" by BlackyP

TЁЯRA "Raspberry Heart" by BlackyP

TЁЯRA "Raspberry Heart" by BlackyP (01:47)

2010-01-06 Posted
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The next one is a new work of BlackyP who becomes popular recently. He combined rhythm of cool song in Pop'n music with "Colorful Days" dance of all idols in 765 Production. We can become fun, just watching it. It's a must-see!

* HATSUNE Miku "The 9th" feat. Chihaya by brookP

HATSUNE Miku "The 9th" feat. Chihaya

HATSUNE Miku "The 9th" feat. Chihaya (03:46)

2010-01-10 Posted
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This is the song about Pluto which WAS 9th planet. Producers of the Idolm@ster tend to see words saying about its appearance repeatedly orbiting same course and idols as characters of the game. About 3 minutes after, the scene showing Chihaya, that was only a program, becoming a true idol is very impressive.

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