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Feb 01, 2010 Pickups

* Hoover's ooover "Ma-Mi-Mu-Me-Mo" by potechiP

Hoover's ooover "Ma-Mi-Mu-Me-Mo" by potechiP

Hoover's ooover "Ma-Mi-Mu-Me-Mo" by potechiP (02:05)

2010-01-30 Posted
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Today's first pickup is expected latest work of potechiP whose previous work won popularity. The video synchronized with the comical music with a twist is quite nice. We believe that you will be also happy to watch it.

* Bump of Chicken "Karma" Feat. Haruka and Chihaya by MisoP

Sorry, sm9563458 was deleted.

The next one is an entry for an event, "music exchange," to make MAD movies with music chosen by a partner of pairs. It tells a story that Chihaya and Haruka who are colleague idols each other make efforts to become top idols. It does not have any dialogues, so there is no problem if you are not Japanese speaker!

* Crystal Kay "Tsuki-no Nai Yoru, Michi-no Nai Basho(The Night without the Moon, the Place without Ways)" Feat Makoto by AerieP

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Today's last pickup is a work participating in "60min'sm@ster", which is a project to make a themed MAD movie in just 60 minutes. This event has held many times before, this time's theme is "Night". This movie is simple, but creators in the NicoM@s community are really marvelous because they can make movies like this in 60 minutes.

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