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Feb 08, 2010 Pickups

* Yayoi and Haruka "relations"

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We have picked up movies showing the development of MikuMikuDance, the fan created platform for dance movies, since its dawn era. Today, Yayoi and Haruka in bunny girl costume has just come. Enjoy a lot of contrivances of the model to charm the audience and you!

* HATSUNE Miku "moon" feat. Takane by YamanekoP

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This movie is a reproduction of a promotion movie of Miku Hatsune's CD, we introduced the other day with only Takane's part becoming longer. We can't stop seeing that beauty. The Idolm@ster SP is known as its graphic isn't so well, but do you say that after watching this?

* "THE iDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA hand drawing OP" by KatakurikoP

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This is a probably work-up of KatakurikoP, who loves Ritsuko and inner cloth very much. He presents very good illustration for real, but he usually makes animations with pictures like these painted by mouse. In this movie, he represented the OP of "XENOGLOSSIA" which is an phantasmal animation of the Idolm@ster. It is "almost OK" but there are many stories (for example, main character is wrong), and you'll lough very much with watching this mad movie.

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