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Feb 24, 2010 Pickups

* nagi "Kimi-no Shiranai Monogatari(The Story That You Don't Know)" feat. Miki, Ritsuko and Yukiho by MIP

Today's first movie is the newest work of MIP. This song is produced by the artist, who've got much popularity in Nico Nico Douga, and has been sung by the other artist also from Nico Nico Douga. Although there are many MAD movies with this song in the NicoM@S Community, this is also one of the best works. Don't miss out!

* Chihaya Kisaragi "arcadia" by RenoP

Chihaya Kisaragi "arcadia" by RenoP

Chihaya Kisaragi "arcadia" by RenoP (04:08)

2010-02-22 Posted
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Next work is RenoP's new work with an official song. We pick up RenoP's for the first time, but he works as an expert MAD movie creator of the trio for Azusa, Makoto and Chihaya for nearly an year. He develops the song's appeal well with his stable and flawless style. It's a bit earlier but this movie is for Chihaya's birthday.

* "Tebanasu(Disposing of)" by KaitoShinshiP

"Tebanasu(Disposing of)" by KaitoShinshiP

"Tebanasu(Disposing of)" by KaitoShinshiP (01:00)

2010-02-18 Posted
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Last pickup is the work which has sort of dense story. We've never picked up KaitoShinshiP's work, this movie has a prodigious atmosphere. We've commented an English translation of the Japanese on the screen. Please have fun with its philosophical atmosphere.

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