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Mar 20, 2010 Pickups

* "DJMAX -the Idolmaster Edition-"

"DJMAX -the Idolmaster Edition-"

"DJMAX -the Idolmaster Edition-" (14:00)

2010-03-19 Posted
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Today's first pickup is a collaboration movie by gorgeous member. This is a medley movie using music of "DJ MAX", which is a series of music games. Some of them were provided for PSP and it is very popular as online games. Every video is fitted well with the music, so you won't be bored. 14 minutes will quickly past.

* CHiAKi KURiYAMA "tears of the shooting star" by PesyatoriaP

Sorry, sm10082694 was deleted.

The second video is a reproducing MAD of the music video of an OVA "Mobile Suit GUNDAM UC". It is serene in whole. Not glamorous, but Chihaya is so beautiful.

* GIRL NEXT DOOR "Be your wings" by TaglockP

GIRL NEXT DOOR "Be your wings" by TaglockP

GIRL NEXT DOOR "Be your wings" by TaglockP (01:39)

2010-03-14 Posted
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The last pickup is an orthodox movie. Though TaglockP freely used all kind of video effects and technologies on his latest work, it is so great that the audience in the NicoM@S Community feel it "orthodox." Mum, we've been to so far away.

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