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Mar 22, 2010 Pickups

* Azusa, Chihaya and Makoto "THE iDOLM@STER" by KakiP

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Today's first pickup is a fine work in the edited official promotion video category. The used sound source is an arrangement of the official song released in December, 2007, and KakiP remade the video with his unique captioning and camera angling style. Quick changes of its camera angle is quite cool.

* capsule "Hello" feat. Haruka by MasterballP

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The second one is the latest work of MasterballP. Though he is also famous for his kitsch style of his MAD movies, fortunately this one is a product of his other side. Enjoy its beautiful effects and fine synchronization without any anxiety.

* Haruomi Hosono "SUPER XEVIOUS" by HinochinP

Haruomi Hosono "SUPER XEVIOUS" by HinochinP

Haruomi Hosono "SUPER XEVIOUS" by HinochinP (05:31)

2010-03-12 Posted
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Have you listened to this rare number, yet? The used music is an arrangement in 1984 of a masterpiece of classic video games, XEVIOUS, by a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra(YMO). HinochinP let idols dance, synchronized with enemies in the game. Enjoy its retro but new style! If you like this, check his previous work, too!

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