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Mar 30, 2010 Pickup

* Ayane "Endless Tears..." by Awarena-KohitsujiP

Sorry, sm10206110 was deleted.

Today's first pickup is a remake of deleted work by Awarena-KohitsujiP. Unfortunately, his original movie was deleted based on the claim of copyrights holder just after its release. Then an amateur guitar player provided his original music source for the movie for this movie. Such the solutions sometimes occurs in the NicoM@S Community because of its quite fine work. Do not miss it.

* Hibiki Ganaha "Electric Life(Karmix @ Next Fountain)" by syu-kaP

Sorry, sm10196281 was deleted.

The next one is the latest work of the music medley expert, syu-kaP. He challenged a mash-up in this movie. He combined Hibiki's repertory, Next Life, and BGM of Tekken 6. It becomes quite nice remix, and enjoy it!

* Zuntata "ACHTUNG!" feat. Haruka by GMP

Zuntata "ACHTUNG!" feat. Haruka by GMP

Zuntata "ACHTUNG!" feat. Haruka by GMP (02:12)

2010-03-26 Posted
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The last one is a PV style movie using cool music of TAITO's game, GAMERA2000. Never miss quite cool Haruka.

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