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Apr 05, 2010 Pickups

* Omnibus "Haru-Kaisou-Ka(Spring Recollection Song)" by producers who debuted in 2008, February

Omnibus "Haru-Kaisou-Ka(Spring Recollection Song) 1/2"

Omnibus "Haru-Kaisou-Ka(Spring Recollection Song) 1/2" (15:41)

2010-04-03 Posted
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Omnibus "Haru-Kaisou-Ka(Spring Recollection Song) 2/2"

Omnibus "Haru-Kaisou-Ka(Spring Recollection Song) 2/2" (17:22)

2010-04-03 Posted
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February 2008 was a peculiar month; a lot of superb creators, such as JifuP, GsamaP, PikkariP, ZearthP and so on debuted in the NicoM@S Community. They made an omnibus movie in February 2009, and they've come back after more than a year. Though it is difficult to understand its story without Japanese ability, you can enjoy its dance parts!

* supercell "Sayonara(Good-bye) Memories" feat. Haruka by ShonenP, TokachiP and DSP

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Today's next pickup is another superb movie among ones for last Haruka's birthday. Excellent movie creators, TokachiP and ShonenP, and a skillful illustrator, DSP, worked jointly for the day. Supercell is a unit of nagi, a singer, and ryo, a composer, who got popular in Nico Nico Douga and debuted as a professional music group. We are really happy to have Nico Nico Douga service in Japan.

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