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Apr 17, 2010 Pickups

* beatmania "quasar" feat. Chihaya by AoikoP

beatmania "quasar" feat. Chihaya

beatmania "quasar" feat. Chihaya (02:12)

2010-04-15 Posted
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The first pickup is AoikoP's new work. In this movie, see Chihaya's dancing movie flashing on back of Chihaya's shadow dancing. Cutover of scenes is fitted so much with the music.

* DAISHI DANCE "Kimi-wo Nosete(Carrying You)" feat. Haruka by WaltzP

DAISHI DANCE "Kimi-wo Nosete(Carrying You)" feat. Haruka

DAISHI DANCE "Kimi-wo Nosete(Carrying You)" feat. Haruka (02:41)

2010-04-11 Posted
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We will show you how Haruka can dance so beautifully. Though the beginning of this movie may be a little boring for you, you will understand why it gains so high ratio of my-list/view if you'll watch the movie more than 1 minute. however, you shold not skip the beginning 1 minute.

* ZARD "Hosi-no Kagayaki-yo(Stellar Shine)" feat. Chihaya by HashiP

Sorry, sm10339760 was deleted.

Today's last one is a excellent maiden work of HashiP. No longer we are surprised by great new comers in the NicoM@S Community, but we have to applause a great work depicting Chihaya's story that she overcome unhappy situation, brother's death and parents' divorce, by singing with her producer in only 2 and a half minutes of the dancing movie. Let's look forward to his next work.

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