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Apr 19, 2010 Pickups

* Omnibus "Master Special Medley"

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Today's first pickup is the latest work of an omnibus team that released a variety of medleys, such as ""Master Artist Medley"", "Medley For You!" and "Nico Nico Doga in 7 colors." Their targets are six MASTER SPECIAL CDs including many new and nice songs. 29 creators jointly made a 17 minute movie including 28 songs. Enjoy its variety and quality.

* P!nk "So What" by NafalanP

P!nk "So What" by NafaranP

P!nk "So What" by NafaranP (03:49)

2010-04-17 Posted
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The second one is a quite cool movie using a Western music by NafalanP. Though we usually pick up such movies on Thursday, we can not keep it. In addition to its high quality showing the drama between virtual idols and their producers in real, this movie uses a screen shot of our website in the scene looking back the history of NicoM@S MAD movies. Thank you very much, NafalanP!

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