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Apr 24, 2010 Pickups

* Miku Hatsune "Miracle Paint" feat. Haruka by inumaruP

Miku Hatsune "Miracle Paint" feat. Haruka

Miku Hatsune "Miracle Paint" feat. Haruka (02:23)

2010-04-21 Posted
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We fully introduce about the improvement of MikuMikuDance tool that many creators use to make the iDOLM@STER idols' movie. Recently such movies have almost reached to "emotional" level, we believe. This maiden work of inumaruP is one of examples letting us feel cuteness of 3D model.

* Aya Matsu-ura "Ne-e?(Honey?)" feat. Haruka by GsamaP

Aya Matsu-ura "Ne-e?(Honey?)" feat. Haruka

Aya Matsu-ura "Ne-e?(Honey?)" feat. Haruka (01:41)

2010-04-23 Posted
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The second pickup is also a movie using MikuMikuDance. GsamaP is leading creator in the NicoM@S Community with MikuMikuDance, and he uses newly created summer dress data and shows a variety of facial expression. The fine combination of all elements synthesizes quite cute Haruka.

* Perfume "Natural-ni Koi-Shite(Love Naturally)" feat. Haruka, Yukiho and Makoto by BetanuriP

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The last movie is a pickup from NicoM@S hand-drawing category. Though this is our first pickup of BetanuriP's works, we wonder why we have never done his so cute movies before. The combination between the iDOLM@STER and Perfume is very orthodox in the NicoM@S Community, and this also shows quite nice mash-up.

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