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Apr 26, 2010 The Season of Festivals

* The Season of Festivals

In Japan, a week between the end of April and beginning of May was a vacation week called Golden Week(GW). In the NicoM@S Community, the season of festivals also comes. Today, we introduce one omnibus movie and one trailer of a big festival that will be held in GW.

* "Time of Black Rose the 7th Night"

"Time of Black Rose the 7th Night"

"Time of Black Rose the 7th Night" (27:30)

2010-04-24 Posted
215 Mylists

Thousands of fans of "Time of Black Rose" series, the latest one has just come. Are your glasses of liquor ready? Enjoy the adult 28 minutes with all idols!

* "iM@S KAKU-tail Party DS Prologue" by KitsuneP

"iM@S KAKU-tail Party DS Prologue"

"iM@S KAKU-tail Party DS Prologue" (04:04)

2010-04-23 Posted
820 Mylists

One of the biggest and the most excellent festival in the NicoM@S Community, "iM@S KAKU-tail Party," are coming soon again. The latest title of the festival is "Dream Stage(DS)," and 60 top-level creators were invited to the festival and randomly assigned an idol and a theme to make a shorter MAD movie than 120 second with. During three days between April 29 and May 1, 20 movies will be released everyday. Check this trailer and Look forward to them!

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