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May 10, 2010 Pickups

* Yayoi Takatsuki "Kirame-Kirari(Twinkle Twinkle)" by ItesP

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Today's first pickup is the latest work of ItesP getting popular recently in the NicoM@S hand-drawing cluster. The video consisting of his cute illustrations quite suits Yayoi's repertory.

* Kome-Kome Club "Shake Hip!" by FranP

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The next one is a quite cheering PV style movie by FranP. He made this movie for his 1st anniversary of his NicoM@S creator life. Just enjoy all-stars' gorgeous show!

* Ai & Mai Hidaka "Aijo Ippai(Much Love)" by TomatoP

Ai & Mai Hidaka "Aijo Ippai(Much Love)" by TomatoP"

Ai & Mai Hidaka "Aijo Ippai(Much Love)" by TomatoP" (01:27)

2010-05-09 Posted
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This is hand-drawing movie, too. Yesterday is the day for mother. So, this movie focused on Ai & Mai Hidaka because they are parent and child. Ai's mother, Mai is so cute!

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