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May 26, 2010 Pickups

* Mayu "Prizm(LOVELY MOTOWN)" feat. Yukiho by MisoP

Mayu "Prizm(LOVELY MOTOWN)" feat. Yukiho

Mayu "Prizm(LOVELY MOTOWN)" feat. Yukiho (01:48)

2010-05-26 Posted
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Today, we start with a fine work from Music Game M@STER category. MisoP's style shows us a quite vivid and bright color tone, and its combination with the rhythmical game music lets us fun.

* Kana Nishino "Aitakute Aitakute(I Want to Meet You, But...)" feat. Miki by KoppapP

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KoppapP is one of few MAD movie creator who can depicts idols in adversity. In his latest work tells us the drama of Miki who can not meet her lover. Used pictures of the city brings an stylish atmosphere of the promotion video. Do not miss KoppapP's skill to let them be combined with Miki and other 3D objects very naturally.

* PING PONG "madrugada" feat. Makoto by wacwacP

PING PONG "madrugada" feat. Makoto

PING PONG "madrugada" feat. Makoto (02:02)

2010-05-25 Posted
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We should not talk much about our last pickup. This is Makoto's dancing promotion video style MAD movie that shows a fantastic atmosphere like in a dream. Its video consists of dance scenes of only an official song, "Massugu(Going Strait)."

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