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Jul 02, 2010 Pickups

* Megumi Tatsumi "Ijiwaru-na Anata(Spiteful You)" feat. Chihaya by ShigureP

Sorry, sm11246932 was deleted.

Today's first pickup is spiteful ShigureP's work. He is one of the most pathological Chihaya lovers, and they let July 2nd Chihaya's memorial day named after her small busts size. This movie is for the day, and let's enjoy his warped love for her.

* Ulfuls "Uta(A Song)" feat. Chihaya by NeyowwwP

Ulfuls "Uta(A Song)" feat. Chihaya

Ulfuls "Uta(A Song)" feat. Chihaya (01:56)

2010-07-02 Posted
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The next one is spiteful work of another pathological Chihaya lover, NeyowwwP. Chihaya loves to sing songs, and the used song in the movie sings about a song that a man hums and a woman dances.

* Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual" by SmartCookieP

Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual"

Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual" (04:11)

2010-07-02 Posted
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The last one is also featuring Chihaya and Yayoi who have same size busts, ane it means that July 2nd is also Yayoi's memorial day. Ignore our reckless remark, and just enjoy SmartCookieP's tremendous hand-drawing movie.

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