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Jul 28, 2010 Pickups

* Haruka Amami "Overmaster" by AkaiIshiP

Haruka Amami "Overmaster"

Haruka Amami "Overmaster" (02:42)

2010-07-27 Posted
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Today's first pickup is a demonstration movie of 3D model data for MMD. AkaiIshiP made his own model of one of the sexiest costume in THE iDOM@STER for MikuMikuDance(MMD). According to its instruction, the model has a tuning slider to tune the size of the busts and hip. It means that it is very easy to adjust the costume's 3D data for other idols. We look forward to that other idols in the costume will dance soon.

* Dance Dance Revolution "FRECKLES" feat. Haruka by kuraP

Dance Dance Revolution "FRECKLES" feat. Haruka

Dance Dance Revolution "FRECKLES" feat. Haruka (01:37)

2010-07-28 Posted
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This is another entry for HaRuKarnival'10. Though this kuraP's work unfortunately gained only several hundreds views, it is a fine work with good synchronization. Let's check it!

* Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra "Ai-no Sanka(Hymn to Love)" feat. Haruka by m2P

Sorry, sm11517516 was deleted.

The last pickup is also an entry for HaUuKarnival'10. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra is the most popular ska band in Japan, and Haruka and other idols dance its cover of French famous masterpiece. We guarantee that the movie will make us fun. Do not miss it!

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