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Aug 16, 2010 Pickups

* "40 Second Nightmare"

"40 Second Nightmare"

"40 Second Nightmare" (00:40)

2010-08-15 Posted
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Today's first pickup is another great maiden work in the hand-drawing category, so he/she has not had his nick name yet. Though movie is only 40 seconds, it finely shows a little ominous story. Let's look forward to his next work.

* Cymbals "Hey, Leader!" by ShojonP

Cymbals "Hey, Leader!"

Cymbals "Hey, Leader!" (02:55)

2010-08-14 Posted
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ShojonP's latest work after a while using funky music by Cymbals, a Japanese pop group. All idols cheerfully dance the music with speedy screen changes, and it also lets us fun. Enjoy it!

* Megumi Tatsumi featured by Hroaki Sano "Wicked you" feat. Haruka by WinwinP

Sorry, sm11764167 was deleted.

Today's last pickup is WinwinP's latest work. In this movie, each action behaves in unison with the music and that makes us feel fantastic. You'll be glued to Haruka's painful expression and her full smile. Don't miss out!

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